Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary
Triple Referral Benefits

New Users Deposit 200 Get 200 Free
Refer Friends and Win Prize Money
Show FB Referral Code to Draw Gifts

MAX 3 Year Anniversary Exclusive !!

  For All New Users ~  

Register now and deposit 200 to get 200 free!

Register between 3/25 ~ 4/27, and deposit over 200 NTD before 5/10 to receive 200 NTD worth of SAND tokens for free !

The time to join the hype is now ! 

 For Our Current Users ~ 

There are also sweet gift packages for our current users ~

Duration of event : 3/25 ~ 4/27 12PM

If you refer new users, you will get an additional referral reward on top of the original rebate. 

The more referrals you make, the more rewards you receive!!

Your Number of Referrals
Your Total Reward
Approximate NTD Equivalent
Sincere Appreciation from MAX
24 USDC110 NTD
3-48 USDC220 NTD
5-930 USDC840 NTD
10-1960 USDC1680 NTD
20-29120 USDC3360 NTD
30-49240 USDC6720 NTD
50 up250 USDC7000 NTD

* The referred new user needs to register between 3/27 ~ 4/27 12PM and has to bind a phone number that starts with the country code (+886) in order to be eligible 

* The above mentioned prizes will be settled before 5/21 and airdropped into users’ wallets

How to Refer a Friend with Referral Code

→ https://youtu.be/TJqsWC4GOKk

That’s not it ~
 Show your referral code  (this campaign is over)
Make a post on your Facebook page, and set settings as public
Take a screenshot of your post and comment it under MAX Exchange’s fan page anniversary 

for a chance to draw prizes such as:
✅ 7-11 $500 coupons (3 people)
✅ 8 USDC (10 people)

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