Bincentive’s Loyalty Program is Live

This campaign is already finished

Buy BCNT and receive 10% rebate

Since its establishment in 2018, Bincentive has provided easy crypto asset management and one-on-one financial consulting services. Bincentive’s reputation has garnered many strategic partners, including Anue Group, MAX Exchange, CoolBitX, and other well-known crypto enterprises.

On October 19th, Bincentive launched its loyalty program and laid out its benefits. For new or active subscriptions of Fixed Income-USDT (3 months) products, staking a fixed amount of BCNT could bring subscription APYs up to 12%, effective on the following day.

To celebrate BCNT’s 2+ year milestone on MAX Exchange, special discounts are available to MAX Exchange level 2 members. From 10/26 to 11/01, buy at least 4,000 BCNT tokens to receive 10% rebate. Bincentive is also running [Loyalty Rewards Program] and [Referral Rewards Program] for bonus rewards.

For more details:

Buy BCNT and receive 10% rebate


Event period: 10/26 12:00 (GMT+8) - 11/01 12:00 (GMT+8)

Only MAX Exchange level 2 members are eligible to participate. Rebate amount corresponds with amount purchased. A total of 100,000 BCNT are allocated for rebate.

BCNT Purchased

10% Rebate in BCNT

4,000 BCNT

400 BCNT

8,000 BCNT

800 BCNT

12,000 BCNT

1,200 BCNT

20,000 BCNT

2,000 BCNT

25,000 BCNT

2,500 BCNT


  • Both BCNT/TWD and BCNT/USDT count and stack on top of each purchase.

  • Calculation:

 The system will take a snapshot of the participating users’ BCNT balance (loaded + available) at 12:00 on 11/1. If the ending balance is greater than the amount purchased during the event, it will be considered as amount purchased. If it is less than the amount purchased, it will be considered remaining balance.

 Amount purchased > Balance on the event end date  Remaining balance (bought and sold)

 Amount purchased < Balance on the event end date  Amount purchased (wallet has BCNT pre-event)


• Limited to level 2 users

• Rewards will be distributed 2 weeks after the event concludes

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