You deposit, we gift tokens

Deposit COMP and/or DOT, receive EXTRA COMP and/or DOT

Celebrate MAX's new listings of COMP and DOT 

Welcoming you to trade with MAX

If you deposit, we will gift tokens!

Duration of Event :
7/6 ~ 8/5
Event method:
As long as you send COMP or DOT to MAX exchange, regardless of the amount, then with a deposit of COMP you will be gifted the equivalent of 100 NTD of COMP, with a deposit of DOT you will be gifted the equivalent of 100 NTD of DOT.
If you deposit both, you are eligible of receiving 100 NTD worth of COMP + 100 NTD worth of DOT = 200 NTD worth of rewards

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

  1. You must be a Lv 2 user to be eligible for this event (each user can only receive gifting of COMP and DOT deposit rewards once for each kind of token).
  2. You must click "SIGN IN" or "JOIN" through this event page, then after the deadline, we will check if you made a deposit during the event period. Failure to click "SIGN IN" or "JOIN" through this page will deem you ineligible for the rewards.  If you are using the app, please leave the app and log in through the web version.
  3. COMP deposit rewards and DOT deposit rewards are limited to 300 quotas total. Each transaction is calculated based on the time of deposit. If the 300 quotas have been taken up, it will be announced on the event page.
  4. Deposits from non-MAX exchanges are required, internal transfers are not counted.
  5. The calculation of the equivalent value of 100 NTD worth of rewards is based on the market price as of 8/5, the last day of the event. Rewards will be sent to the user’s wallet two weeks after the end of the event.

☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

  • COMP and DOT do not support Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), COMP only supports ERC 20, and DOT supports ERC 20 and DOT chains.
  • Binance Smart Chain addresses are formatted similarly to ERC20 addresses. Users should double check before depositing funds. If your assets are sent to the wrong chain, your cryptos may be lost, or you may be required to pay for the token recovery procedure.

Event Example: If John Doe clicked “JOIN”, and his deposit of COMP was the 100th since the start of the event, he is rewarded with COMP. If John Doe then deposits DOT, but it happens that it was the 301st deposit of COMP and DOT deposits combined, then he will not be able to receive DOT rewards.

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