MaiCoin Group x CoinMarketCap

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此為免費活動,請至 ACCUPASS 報名參加

❖ 活動時間:

2019-04-26 (五) 19:30 ~ 21:30

❖ 活動地點:


( 77 O My God 文創中心 3F My Space, 捷運善導寺1號出口步行約10分鐘 )

❖ 此為免費活動,請至 ACCUPASS 報名參加 

點此報名 ( 沒有報名不能入場喔~ )

❖ 活動簡介:

最近正夯的證劵型代幣(STO) 到底是什麼?會為台灣經濟帶來什麼樣的新機會?

身為投資人的你,千萬不能錯過,本次MaiCoin集團精心策劃的活動。我們邀請到世界知名的數位資產行情網站 CoinMarketCap,一同解說虛擬貨幣的行情!座談會也特別請到 區塊客、 跟CoolBitX ,一起討論激盪對虛擬貨幣產業的新趨勢!

❖ 議程:

19:30-19:45OpeningAlex Liu / MaiCoin CEO
19:45-20:15 台灣的獨有機會: 證券化代幣發行江旭昇Jesse / MaiCoin 法人機構業務總監
20:15-20:45According to CoinMarketCap
Carylyne/ CoinMarketCap, Global Head of Marketing
20:45-21:15 Panel:
 Defi 區塊鏈金融新時代
主持人:Kevin Hoo / 區塊客 CEO
Alex Liu / MaiCoin CEO
Eric Ma / CoinMarketCap, Community Manager
Michael Ou / CoolBitX CEO

❖ Panel結束時,我們將會舉辦抽獎喔!中獎人可獲得 MaiCoin X CoolWallet S 限量聯名款冷錢包一張!詳細活動方式會當場由主持人公布。

❖ Keynote講者 MaiCoin 集團介紹:
MaiCoin 集團為台灣歷史最久的數位資產交易集團,提供各項虛擬貨幣的交易服務,包含:MaiCoin平台、MAX交易所、MaiCapital。MaiCoin 集團自 2014 年開始運營其數位資產經紀業務: MaiCoin 提供用戶使用新台幣購買比特幣等虛擬貨幣,也是台灣第一個提供以太幣(ETH)、萊特幣(LTC)等兌換新台幣的交易平台。2018年初,MaiCoin 集團成立 MAX 交易所,提供幣幣及新台幣對虛擬貨幣之交易; 推出七個月,交易量即突破新台幣54億、全球交易所排行第15名。MAX亦獨步全球,為首家將用戶資金交由銀行信託保的交易所。
MaiCoin 集團的業務均由其姐妹公司 - AMIS 支持。AMIS 為一區塊鏈底層技術的公司,並且為企業以太坊聯盟的創始成員之一。在 2017 年,JP Morgan 的以太坊平台 - Quorum 宣佈其採用 AMIS 的伊斯坦堡拜占庭共識演算法。AMIS 自此投入於 Casper proof-of-stake 共識協議以及開發世界級的 Plasma 擴容方案以提供予商業應用場景。MaiCapital 是家對沖基金公司,運用量化分析,投資在區塊鏈科技、虛擬貨幣與替代性資產。MaiCapital 領有香港證監會發行的證劵業務牌照,得以合法地向經認證的投資人募資。

❖ Keynote講者 CoinMarketCap公司&講者 介紹:

Since 2013, CoinMarketCap has been the premier price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies. It is the most referenced and trusted source for comparing thousands of crypto entities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space by users, institutions, and media. CoinMarketCap firmly stands for accurate, timely and unbiased information, enabling each end user to draw their own informed conclusions from CoinMarketCap data.


Global Head of Marketing 
Carylyne Chan is the Global Head of Marketing at CoinMarketCap, where she leads the company on branding, strategy, and drives marketing partnerships and initiatives. She previously co-founded an AI platform (acquired), built machine learning and natural language processing models for extractive AI summarization, and has developed and launched new products in markets like Hong Kong and India with American Express, 3M and AGT. Apart from that, Carylyne is Co-Founder & Former COO at KeyReply. She is also probably one of the biggest oolong tea enthusiasts you will meet in daily life.

Eric Ma 

Community Manager
Eric has 20 years of experience in the education, HR and design industries. He had successfully launched and managed social media platforms for the community during those times. He is the community manager at CoinMarketCap and manages CoinMarketCap social media platforms, engages the crypto community and heads up educational initiatives.