SHIB is available on MAX

Buy 1,000 MAX, get 100,000 SHIB for free

Buy 1,000 MAX, 

Get 100,000 SHIB for free

  • Time: 11/26 12:00 pm~12/9 12:00 pm
  • Purchased 1,000 or more MAX Token during the period and hold until 12/9 12:00pm~12:10pm at least, then you’ll get 100,000 SHIB that just rolled out for FREE!
  • For those who meet the qualifications, 5 winners will have the chance to win 500,000 SHIB extra bonus!

Both MAX/TWD and MAX/USDT are available, and multiple transactions can be added together.

To participate in this event, register is required in order to participate in this event. Please press the "SIGN IN" button in this campaign page.

✔  The system will take a snapshot of the participating users’ MAX Token wallet at Dec 9 12:00 pm to 12:10 pm, please avoid to trade in the settlement time. 

✔  If the balance is more than the number of purchased during the event, it will be counted as held. If it is less than the number of purchased, it will be counted as the remaining number.

✔  The number of purchased > Balance on cutting off date ⇨ The number of balance (If bought and sold)

✔  The number of purchased < Balance on cutting off date ⇨ Number of purchased (If there is already MAX Token in the wallet)


  1. This event is for Lv. 2 users only, and each user could only enter once.
  2. Token will be sent two weeks after the event.

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