Stake for lucky draw !

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Stake 888 MAX Token for Okinawa flight ticket lucky draw
First 200 new stakers will earn extra 88 MAX Token

Stake for lucky draw !

Turn your MAX Token to Okinawa flight ticket !

Campaign period:  2019/1/28 00:00 - 2019/2/10 23:59 ( GMT+8 )

  1. Users who add new staking of 888 MAX Token in campaign period and keep it staked for at least 8 days, will be eligible to join the flight ticket lucky draw.
  2. Users who stake for the first time in campaign period, will receive extra 88 MAX Token. Limited to first 200 new stakers from 1/28 00:00.
  • The lucky draw winner will be announced at 2/21 12:30 on MAX FB fan page. We will contact the winner, If there is no reply within a week, the winner will be supplemented.
  • If the flight ticket winner wasn't a Taiwan resident, MAX Token equivalent of NT$ 15,000 will be given. According to the tax law of the Republic of China, the amount obtained shall be 20% deducted for winning tax. The total reward is 5000 MAX Token.

Flight Ticket


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waiting list




Sun An Lee

Terms and conditions

  1. Participants agree that the information and records of any participating activities that are retained or generated by all participants are based on the records of the computer system and time of the organizer. If there is any delay, loss, error or inability to identify the information sent by the participants due to computer, internet, telephone, technology or the inability to be responsible for the organizer, the organizer is not responsible for any legal responsibility. Participants can not object to this.
  2. If any hacker or other illegal act destroys the rules of the event, the winning is invalid, and the organizer reserves the right to legally pursue the relevant participants or winners.
  3. Participants are required to ensure that all information submitted is true and correct. It does not fraudulently use or misappropriate other people's materials. If there is any misrepresentation or incorrect information, the organizer will cancel the qualification and award. The damage to the organizer or any third party’s rights and interests shall be retained all right to sue by all civil and criminal law.
  4. According to the tax law of the Republic of China, if the prize value is NT$1,001 (inclusive) or more, a photocopy of the identity card is required for tax return, and will be included in the personal comprehensive income tax return for the following year. The organizer will not send the paper separately. The prize value is more than NT$20,000, and the 10% of winning the prize is required in advance. If the winner is not a Chinese national in the Republic of China (ie, a native of the Republic of China and a foreigner who has not lived for 183 days), regardless of the winning prize, the amount obtained shall be subject to 20% of winning for the winning tax. If the winner is not willing to cooperate, he or she will be deemed to have abstained automatically and will not be eligible for the prize. The winners agreed to pay tax contributions in accordance with the relevant tax laws of Taiwan, and agreed that the organizers may withhold (pay) the relevant taxes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  5. All prizes for this event cannot be converted, transferred or exchanged for cash.
  6. The awards are based on the information published on organizer's website. In case of force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to modify the details of the event and the award without prior notice and has the right to explain or decide on all matters of this activity. If the event cannot be executed due to special reasons for force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity. Any unfinished matters shall be explained by the organizer in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.
  7. Entity awards are only sent to Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu regions. The organizers will not handle the mailing of awards to overseas regions.
  8. Winners are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the prizes listed in each prize supplier, and the winners agree that the organizer is not responsible for all receipts or use of prizes.
  9. Participants agree all the contents and rules of this activity when participating in this activity; if participants violate the relevant regulations of this activity, they will automatically lose the qualification to participate in this activity. If they are winners, they will lose the qualification to win the prize. Organizer retain the right to legal prosecution for any act that undermines this activity.
  10. Participants participating in this activity automatically agree that the relevant personal information will be collected, computerized and utilized by organizer, and organizer shall be authorized to publicly announce the personal information of participants.

[ Instructions]

  1. The ticket award will be exchanged for the equivalent of the Lion Travel Voucher. The redemption period will expire on December 31, 2019. Please complete all registration procedures and assignments during the valid period of this voucher. If voucher is overdue, you can't use it and will not be able to extend the period of use a, nor will you request other rights or compensation from the organizer or the Lion Travel.
  2. Please take and use the Lion Travel Voucher during the valid period. Please take the original copy of this voucher (copy is invalid) for the domestic or international tourism products worth NT$15,000 (including domestic and international group trips, free travel, domestic and international airfare and accommodation). Please refer to the official website of the Lion Travel Tour for detailed travel product contents and fees.
  3. This voucher cannot be used for non-registered ticket merchandise and passport agency fees, visa fees, tips, travel insurance, transship fees and team tip and personal expenses (such as excess baggage fees, optional travel expenses, etc.).
  4. If the price of the selected tourism commodity is higher than the value of the voucher (NT$15,000), user shall make up the difference. If the value of the selected tourism commodity is lower than the value of the voucher, the difference will not be refunded.
  5. There will not be issued a separate receipt for payment when the vouchers are used. However, there will be be issued a separate receipt if making up price difference.
  6. This voucher can only be used one time and can't be used separately. It cannot have change when it is used, and it cannot be exchanged for cash. It cannot be returned after use. It is also strictly forbidden to sell on the internet or other markets.
  7. The casher shall properly keep the vouchers. If there is any loss, theft, damage of the voucher, they will not be reissued and no compensation will be required.
  8. Please confirm the redemption content with the designated staff of the Lion Travel, and return the original vouchers to the Lion Travel and pay the difference according to the service during the notification period, and complete the registration. After the exchange, it is deemed to have been used, and no cancellation, change or relocation can be made.
  9. This voucher is only redeemable at the designated contact window of the Travel Service Department of the Lion Travel Neihu Head Quarter. It is not allowed to be used by the other travel agencies, nor can it be used for the whole batch of payment of the special offer group (ticket) of the enterprise.
  10. This voucher does not have the seal and stamp of the Lion Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is invalid, and can  not be arbitrarily altered, processed, printed and reproduced, etc.. The offender shall be investigated and be dealt with according to law.
  11. Other unfinished matters are based on the sales agreement and the rules of use for the exchange of goods.