MAX Token Reward Rule

Holding & Staking reward

  • How to get
    • Having available MAX Token balance (locked not included) or Stake MAX TOKEN
  • When to get
    • Calculate and send everyday at 01:05 (GMT+8), should finish rewarding within an hour (before 02:05 GMT+8)
  • Who can get
    • Who has available MAX Token balance or who has staked stakes
  • What to get
    • First, calculate every individual staking power by the formula:
       [balance * 1 + (stake A * (1 + stake A's aging boost) + stake B * (1 + stake B's aging boost) + .... ) * 5 ]
    • Then, every individual get part of buy-back's “MAX Token” from 30% of total trading fee yesterday according to the ratio of each individual staking power over total staking power.
  • Attention
    • We only send "ONE" reward to each user for yesterday's account balance & staking.
    • Minimum Staking amount 100MAX, Maximum Staking amount Unlimited.
    • You can only unstake ALL of your staking stakes!


  • Market makers & system accounts (mining pool, buy backer, max fee, max reward) won't get rewards and no trading fee.
  • In some extreme case, when fail to buy back MAX Token, may cause error. For example, if there is some PAL fee, but no one want to trade PAL with MAX, it will make buy-back price of PAL to be 0. Which leads to 0 transfer rate in fee sharing reward of PAL. We'll try to handle it manually in the beginning and see if this is really an issue.