Trading Fees

MAX uses a maker-taker model to calculate trading fees based on the amount traded.

Maker fees apply if your limit order is added to the Order Book and another order is placed that matches your order.

Taker fees apply if your limit or market order that you place is matched with an order already existing on the Order Book.

Maker fees - 0.05% will be charged on notional trade amount.

Taker fees are - 0.15% will be charged on notional trade amount.

Market Making Program

Please inquire about our market making program which offers volume-based fees. Contact us at

Fund and Withdrawal Fees

New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)Free
  • 0.3% of the withdrawal amount will be charged as handling fee.
  • The minimum handling fee is TWD $10.0.
  • Plus Remittance fees
  • BTC BitcoinFree0.0005 BTC
    ETH EthereumFree0.001 ETH
    LTC LitecoinFree0.001 LTC
    BCH Bitcoin CashFree0.0001 BCH
    MITHFree2.0 MITH
    USDT TetherFree3.5 USDT
    TRX TronFree20.0 TRX
    CCCXFree250.0 CCCX
    PAL Policy PalFree1.0 PAL
    EOSFree0.01 EOS
    BATFree7.0 BAT
    ZRXFree2.0 ZRX
    GNTFree8.0 GNT
    OMGFree0.3 OMG
    KNCFree2.5 KNC
    TWDTFree5.0 TWDT
    XRP RippleFree0.25 XRP
    FMF Formosa FinancialFree90.0 FMF
    Max TokenFree5.0 MAX
    SEELEFree40.0 SEELE
    BcntFree25.0 BCNT

    Blockchain Confirmations

    Please allow time for the blockchain network to process transactions. The table below shows how many block confirmations are required before our system credits your account.

    AssetNumber of ConfirmationsView your transaction on the blockchain
    BTC Bitcoin3
    ETH Ethereum30
    LTC Litecoin3
    BCH Bitcoin Cash24
    USDT Tether (ERC20)30
    TRX Tron (ERC20)30
    USDT Tether (OMNI)3
    TRX Tron (Mainnet)1
    PAL Policy Pal30
    XRP Ripple1
    FMF Formosa Financial30
    Max Token30
    Bcnt Coin30